Corporate Flowers Bristol


A well-designed floral display will impress both staff and visitors alike creating a stimulating place to meet and work. Let us help you bring the beautiful element of floral design to your workplace.

Fresh flower arrangements are proven to help create a friendly and inviting environment for your clients, customers and employees. Consider promoting your brand with a specific floral colour palette.

Ohana corporate flower arrangements are available from weekly or fortnightly.

We pride ourselves on the freshness, quality, longevity, and of course design of all our floral arrangements but above everything else, we want you to be satisfied. So we will work with you to design a look that works for you but will change with seasons, so always looking fresh and different for your regular clients.

We also offer one-off seasonal dressing for occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, New Year and much more. All packages are bespoke to your business needs.

With all corporate accounts, orders can also be placed for floral gifts to be delivered to clients or staff members for any occasion.

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