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Honoring Your Loved Ones with Personalized and Eco-Friendly Funeral Flowers In Bristol

Saying farewell to our cherished ones is a deeply personal and challenging experience that requires thoughtful consideration. At Ohana Designs, we recognize the profound significance of this difficult time and are here to provide compassionate funeral flower Bristol services. Our aim is to help you celebrate the unique personality and joy your loved ones brought into your life.

Our Personalized Approach:

In the midst of this emotional period, we understand the need for a personal touch. Every flower arrangement we create is meticulously crafted with your loved ones in mind. To ensure an authentic representation, we offer convenient consultations through phone calls, Zoom meetings, or face-to-face discussions. This allows us to gain a genuine understanding of the person, enabling us to infuse their essence into the floral arrangements.

Respecting your preferences for communication, we give you the flexibility to choose the method that best suits you. Whether you have a specific flower in mind that holds sentimental value or reminds you of your loved one, we gladly accommodate these requests, taking into consideration the seasonality of flowers, to create a personalized and meaningful floral tribute.



"The design he created completely captured my husbands love of the autumn season and reminded me of the wonderful times we had had, walking together kicking the leaves underfoot. Thank you so much."


Traditional Options for Funeral Flowers:

Selecting the right shape for funeral flowers is a poignant decision. Choose from a variety of traditional options, including:

  • Coffin Spray (runs the length of the coffin)
  • Sheath (a tall bouquet lying flat on the coffin)
  • Classic Cross
  • Heart Shape
  • Wreath

For detailed pricing and customized options, please refer to the guide below. If you have a unique vision in mind, we encourage you to reach out. Our team is here to discuss and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Environmentally Conscious Flower Design:

At Ohana Designs, we are committed to being plastic-free. Our environmentally conscious approach involves crafting coffin sprays, wreaths, hearts, and crosses on wireframes covered in moss. This not only honours the environment but also allows for cremation if desired—simply discuss this option with your funeral director.

Please note that, in alignment with our dedication to sustainability, we do not offer tribute floral letters and shapes.

Arrange Your Floral Tribute:

To arrange a beautiful and meaningful floral tribute, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We understand the challenges you may be facing during this time and are here to provide support. Schedule a consultation at your convenience, and let us help you celebrate and remember your loved ones with dignity and respect.

At Ohana Designs, we are dedicated to providing a heartfelt and eco-conscious solution that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring your tribute is as unique as the individual it honors.

If you would like to arrange some flowers, please contact me to arrange a time that suits you.

Price Guide

  • Coffin Spray from £155
  • Coffin Sheath from £85
  • Wreath from £75
  • Heart from £75
  • Cross from £120

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